A Better Way To Build Wikipedia Links that Stick

Wikipedia ranks in the top 10 for most popular websites in Alexa and has for many years. With 1.5 Billion backlinks, from three Million different domains, the site is about as powerful as you can get. If you are struggling to outrank some wiki pages on the keywords you want, then you will have to get links from that wiki articles page.

The only way to do that is writing high-quality content that updates the article with more/updated information. Then you can cite the article that you are trying to rank on your blog, and link out from the citation link. Otherwise, it will get edited, and the link will get deleted.

This article is going to go briefly over the culture of Wikipedia, and explain how to get links from the domain safely.



I think the report speaks for itself, this is a domain we want funnel some link juice from.


What Not to Do: Buying Wiki Links



When I was working on the Yoga blog project in early 2015, I was buying a lot of “niche” related links from these marketplaces. Most of the links came from WickedFire, Source Wave, and BlackHat World.

It looks like Source Wave Market got re-branded to Konker.io, so ill have to use an older example because the site is broken at the moment. The example below is what 50 dollars get you from a provider like these.




Surprised they even lasted this long. I believe the seller just used a photo off of my yoga blog, and backlinked to the page that way. The image wasn’t mine but was credited correctly to the owner. You can find Photos for commercial use by

searching creativecommons.org. It likely was a photo of women doing yoga on a military ship. So it was probably pulled because of wiki copyright issues. Regardless, we paid $25 per link for someone to upload an image to Wikipedia….I feel like I could do this better for free.


Creating a Free Wikipedia Account



Creating a wiki account is 100% free, and are platform specific. Ie, your username/password for the English wiki site, will not work for wiki commons site, and so forth.

Set a real email address to this account that you use, you won’t want to lose ownership of it after aging it.




The reason we have to age the login account is that a lot of the valuable pages are locked to new wiki users. They require a minimum of 4 days old, and 10 edits.

Note: You can edit these semi protected pages by submitting an Edit Request, someone with editing abilities could use that to update the page.


Aging the En.Wiki Profile


You can see your edits and contributions under the contributions menu link at the top of the page. It looks like to write content for the semi protected articles; you have to edit pages that are live.

So 10 Edits to the sandbox page won’t unlock them. To Upload Images, any 10+ edits and four days of aging should open that up.


Editing Articles Needing Attention



If you are looking for articles that are needing some edits, these above will have the highest chance for approving the edits. You dont have to be an expert on the topic, just do some research and make the page better.

If you can find items in the related niche, you are blogging about, then go ahead and write content for those.

Important Note: Wiki is a unique culture of people, you have to follow their guidelines. If you need to cite someone, you will need to format it correctly.





Once you find an article that you would like to edit. The Edit Source link at the top of the page, you can also format just a section to make it easier on you.

You will find the Edit Source link to the particular section of the article next to the topics headline.

Uploading Img’s with backlinks



The upload file page under tools is live for all wiki profiles, but will cancel the upload if wiki profile isn’t unlocked. yet you will get this after trying to upload.

“Sorry, in order to upload files on the English Wikipedia, you need to have a confirmed account. Your profile will become confirmed automatically once you have made 10 edits and four days have passed since you created it.


Before uploading a photo, please make sure to give the Copyrights and Wiki Commons Image policy a read before. Its not too bad of a read, and will make sure you stay within their TOS. You are going to want the links/images to stick, and not get removed.

It boils down to; you really do need to own the rights to the photo. Its pretty darn easy to tell that it got jacked from somewhere else by using Tineye.com.

Smartphone take high enough quality resolutions photos for wiki, so get out there and into the real world for a minute. Make sure the image is of high art quality, no other copyrighted items in the photo.

If you own the photo because you made it, and don’t care what anyone does with it. Giving it to the community to freely use is something they always appreciate, so if you can.

Select This is a free work, and this file is entirely your own work. You don’t have to choose this option, upload the file under whatever copyright status you want. Just make sure it falls within its requirements.



This photo was originally published on flickr, so i linked back to it on this image. Unless the website you own is a photography site, its going to look pretty unnatural to not link out to a 2.0 social site.

Make sure you manually write a description for the photo, and if its related to another wiki page link out to that as well.



A buffer site just feels so much more natural and allows use to grow the page authority of our Tumblr page we control. It doesn’t Scream SEO this way when we out link to the original location of the photo on Wiki.

It will build up the authority of our other social pages we are linking too as well, and any link we include in the photo post.

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