Creating A Fresh List Of Niche Guest Posting Opportunities

Finding other blogs that accept guest posts in cretin niches can be extremely painful and time-consuming. Cold emailing webmasters asking if they would want an article just doesn’t seem to work out so well. ( for me at least ). The other common method is to email blog owners if they have a broken link.

Letting them know you have an article that could be used as the replacement. Doing that works well, but is still a ton of work. With having to run a ton of blogs into screaming frog manually.

I’ve noticed, though, over the years of blogging myself. That most bloggers and myself will use Twitter to post a recent article that we have written, and would for any guest authors. Most tweets are going to say they are from a guest writer/author, as that is its main selling point for them. So we can use that footprint to search for our leads.

If you have a real twitter account, one you at least use from time to time. A legit blog with high-quality unspun content *cough cough*, and a few twitter followers. You can build up a lot of social trust without a ton of work and time. You want to be that guy, rather than some random guy emailing another blogger.

People should “know you,” so have a strong presence online that looks real. It will save you a lot of time down the road, and find you better opportunities.

Setting up the IFTTT Applet:

Head over to and create a new application. If you do not have an IFTTT account, then go ahead and create a free account. I would recommend making multiple applets for different keywords if you plan on using multiple/long Twitter searches. Creating different applets will keep things more organized in Evernote.

In my case, we are looking for some marketing blogs who would allow me to write articles for them. The idea behind this method is to help filter out other bloggers who don’t accept a guest writers in the first place.

It is very common for blog owners to post on Twitter when they have a guest author write for them, or they post their content regularly. So if we find people who are accepting them in the first place.

Then they may be an easy target for our link building, and networking campaign. The trust of having the Twitter account, along with a legit blog. Gives you a high chance of getting a guest post from them. If you have any friends in the niche with blogs, having some guest author reference links can also really help out.


Note: Try testing your keywords on’s search first, to make sure its pulling results you can use.

“guest” + “author” + #SEO
“wanted” and “guest” and SEO OR marketing OR #Affiliates
“guest” and “writer” and “marketing” but not “MMO”
“guest” + “blogger” OR “writer” OR “author” Filter:Retweets

Learn more about using twitters advanced search operators on their blog, and socialchic



Because these opportunities can sometimes only come up a few times a week, or months depending on the niche. We will use Evernote to save tweets that pass all of our filters.

Selecting Append note will make it easy to view all of the tweets as one large list. Rather than having to look at individual tweets in evernote.

Plus if you forget you set this up, it will just create new notes after 2mb of data is stored.



This one stuck out to me, for obvious reasons ( data is shown below.) You won’t come across that many people directly requesting them. So snag up any good ones that do come across, just make sure the link profile looks decent.

Most of the tweets will be people tweeting about their article from whoever guest author. You will need to directly reach out to them, via twitter or email.

I highly recommend using twitter if possible to at least start the conversation, then move into emailing them about it.


Reviewing the domain:


Veryyyy Nice! Trust flow, and Citation flow chart look natural. Ref domains and Ref ips almost match up, backlink anchor text looked natural. You of course don’t want a spammy website linking back to us, even if they appear to be legitimate.

Go ahead and use ahrefs and or magestic, as they are 100% free to search a few domains a day.  Make sure they don’t have any unnatural looking footprints in the reports, and how well design the actual blog itself is.

If everything looks good, then go ahead and try to make contact with the blog owner.


Contacting the Blogs Webmaster:


To me, this looks like a great company to network with and help out. They are a real blog, with high-quality, unique content. Ran by some cool folks up north of me in Canada. ( Not going to share the email exchanges, but just keep it semi-professional, and you should be okay.)

Email Outreach Checklist :
Say hello, and introduce yourself.
If you have already written for few other blogs, then go ahead and include those links in the email.

Explain what your background is in the niche if you have not already yet and a few ideas for different blog posts.
Thank you for your time.

Company Name
Phone number

Twitter Tweet Example:
Hey Name, I run an Niche blog. Love the work! If you are interested in a free guest article, feel free to ping me

Then, you pretty much just hope for the best. Wait until they have contacted you, and take it from there. Try new ad copy if the response rate from these twitter finds are low. You should have a high response rate at least, you might have to tweak the sales pitch.

Be ready to spend a good amount of time writing the article, as you will be able to use that URL as a reference later down the time for more guest posting opportunities.



As for proof – it took awhile for ahrefs to pick up this link but there she is. A new relationship is built, more knowledge is shared, and the circle of life is complete.

If I had a dog, id be holding him up in the air like Simba from the Lion king. Feel free to comment if you have any questions.

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