Find 5 Unique Advertorial Landers Within 5 minutes

2 step landers are one of the most popular ways for affiliate marketers to presell customers on health related products. Everyone should know by this point, these landers are dirty and can cause legal issues.

I am not advocating that you should use these, so keep that in mind. I’ve noticed some people struggle to find them unless they are saving ads they see while on Facebook. So if you are looking for advertorial style landers for the most common affiliate niches like Skincare, Muscle, and Diet products. Then you will like this relatively simple method to pulling more landers out of just one.

You do have to have a link to at least ONE live presell page for this to work. If it’s an evergreen niche product, then you will be able to find some presell pages on Bing/Googles ad results.




Almost all of those paid ads were cloaked and redirection to another page/domain. Good job bing ad approvals team lol!~ Some of them were ugly, or not advertorial landers so we just pulled this URL.

It doesn’t have to be this format, though, the really clean look design wise tends to convert better. (Depending on the traffic source Origin) Copyscape is only looking at the pages source code, and for similarity in the text. With So many people are cloaking on Bing ads, and AdWords, its only going to take a few clicks to find some presell pages.

I hate to have someone pay for a pointless click but…I wanted to show how easy it is to find these landers, and multiple variations of it for free and quickly. You are going to want to search for buying keywords for the niche you are looking to run. In our case, we are looking for some bodybuilding muscle trial landers. HGH Muscle trial pulled some affiliate looking related organic results, and what seemed like a bunch of advertorial landers in the PPC ads. sounds like an affiliate domain that would run one, and it was. After awhile you will just get that gut feeling after seeing it over and over again.

Best Places to Search:

Search Keyword Ideas:
{offer name} free trial
{niche} 30 day sample free
{offer name} review
free {niche} samples



I noticed alot of common ad copy in this lander, so I figured it stood the best chance at finding other designs using similar ad copy. Luckily most people don’t no index/no follow these pages and bots end up crawling them regardless. So head over to Copyscape to see what data they have on it.




Search for the URL of the page the lander is on, not the main root domain. If any other pages that Copyscape have indexed, show a high % of similar, then they will get listed. With the free version you are limited to around 10 results, but that normally is enough to grab some unique designs.

Ripping a landing page doesn’t usually tend to work straight out of the box, you will have to do some tweaking. Having multiple designs can be super helpful, so you find the one to spend time on. Not wasting it trying to get a Presell page above a 5% conversion ratio, when a different design could push 8%+.

Note: All of the presell pages i found were still live and hosted, but if you come across some that are dead/404’d. Then you might be able to use the Wayback machine to find archive source code of that page.

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