Setting Up An Affordable Unmanaged WordPress VPS Server

Shared servers should never be used to host a company’s web page or development site for many reasons. One of the majors being having other webmasters on the same server. You are all “sharing” the same server resources, and cheap web hosting will point a ton of domains to one web server.

Imagine if you removed the wifi router’s password, and anyone could jump onto it. How stable would your internet connect become?  So what happens is the site speed is extremely inconstant and slow for a lot of users. User experience is always something we should have in mind when building web pages.

The good news is you can still have fast Virtual Private Server that isn’t difficult to setup, which will be better than any $10 a month ” shared server” package IMO. Digital Ocean is the cloud hosting company we recommend; they are very well known and trusted.

Step 1: Create a Account With Digital Ocean:

Step 2: Create a Droplet:


Once the account is created, you are going to want to create a droplet. A Droplet is Virtual computer that you are going to install WordPress onto.

  • Click on the “One-click apps” Tab.
  • Once you are on the One click app menu, scroll down till you see WordPress in the bottom right.
  • Select WordPress along with a VPS size. Normally the $10/mo package is suitable for most companies.
  • Choose a data center region: It does take time for data to be sent thousands of miles over the web, so select a location that is closest to your customers. If you can pick a place that is in the middle, that would be the best place.
  • Choose a Hostname: This can be Anything you want, but we recommend you naming it the same as the domain name.
  • Create the Droplet: and then we can setup the nameservers.

Step 3- Setting up the Domain in Digital Ocean:

  • Domain: Enter the domain you want this webserver to be pointed at.
  • Droplet or Custom IP: Select the Droplet name we just created in step 2.
  • Create the record

Step 4 – Creating a New Password:


Digital Ocean will send an email with the login information of your new web server you just set up. You are going to need to know the password and username when in the terminal.

If you go back to the Droplets page @
You can find the droplet you just created.


  • Under the More Menu – You will want to select Access Console. You are going to be setting a new password for the server, and then you can setup the wordpress login information
  • Login as: root
  • Enter the password DigitalOcean email to you.
    *Note with linux, you will not see the password while you are entering it. It will Ask for it twice.
  • Once you enter the default password twice, it will request you enter a new password. Once the password is changed, you can close the console.

Step 5: Adding Digital Ocean nameservers to the domain:

If you have not created/bought a domain yet. Create a account and buy a domain with NameCheap


The digital ocean default nameservers that work for everyone.

Once you have paid for the domain, you can setup the nameservers at the Domain List menu @

  • Select Custom DNS, and enter the nameservers above in here.
  • You are finished setting up the server now!!!

Head to and create your wordpress account profile/password.

Still confused? Dont worry, it took me awhile to figure this all out as well. Check out if you go with a Manged VPS. Managed servers really make life nice when you dont have to worry about the tech side of things.

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