A Getto But Workable Budget Affiliate Tracking Setup

Over the years I’ve found managed servers are nice for long-term projects, and SEO. They are not all that great for affiliate marketing.

We have downtime, and or sometimes things go bananas.
ie. Some days you are getting 100,000+ views a day.
Sometimes its only 50 clicks a day.

No need to be spending $300+ dollars a month on a super nice dedicated server.
For most people, you can go without.

Even before this current job, I liked to do everything from the traffic source end. Networks cant do jack with data you encrypted. Like the click id.

Cake & has offers cost tons of money to use. They have great reporting on the network’s end. It’s massively quicker to skip those redirects.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen cake mistake a click, Use that free resource, it’s well proven. Search for the platforms support articles, and you will find tons of helpful info.

Use a postback > Send it back to the Traffic source.
This way you can manage the campaigns from one website.
Get reporting/data from the CPA networks website.

Run the landing page in GTmetrix.
Fix any long loading items.
Normally it’s the images.
Compress them, and re-upload them.

This is how you can get really fast loading presell pages, and tracking for cheap.

This method is also great for quick testing of offers. Cloud hosting = awesome. Even if you only run it for a couple days, and then drop it back down to a $5 dollars a month server. You Banked hard, and now you are letting the machine machine rest.

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