Reproduce Winning Native Ad Images From Spytool Data

So many people are reusing the same image, and headlines with their native campaigns. We are going to show a quick and dirty method to create some unique images that have a high likelihood of working out. You will still want to spy, and see what common elements the top spending ads have. That is what we are going to base the new ad image off of.

Most of the ads you see running have been manipulated in some way or can be faked using this method. The major problem of using someone else ad image is its been blasted with impressions already.

If people were going to click and read it. They would have by now. If they have already read it, they won’t want to reread the same story again. Rather than just stealing their ad image, we can mimic it. Give the world a new image/headline they have not seen before. Using a proven design, that has worked out in the past.

For skin care and native campaigns. These 3 styles are the most common. Facial peel removing wrinkles, wrinkled lips, and a under eye mask.

Ad example


You will have to try a decent amount of searches. The below searches yield decent results of very similar images. You just have to make sure they are decently eye catching, and the right context for the campaign.

Row 1 Imgs:

  • Peel off wrinkles
  • anti-aging mask
  • peel wrinkles
  • anti-aging facial
  • Chemical peel wrinkles
  • anti-wrinkle peel
  • anti-wrinkle facial

Row 2 Imgs:

  • wrinkled lips
  • dry wrinkled lips
  • wrinkles lip after
  • lip wrinkles remedy
  • senior wrinkled lips

Row 3 Imgs:

  • under eye mask
  • anti wrinkle under-eye
  • mask dry under-eye
  • mask wrinkle eye bags
  • mask wrinkle eyes dark circle


Using this data will help increase your chances at finding a successful ad. Reusing the top images never last, and or get much traction. Find something fresh, and enjoy the lower cpc’s, and higher Ad CTR%.

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