Mgid Ad Troubleshooting Guide

Common Questions

Why Is my ad not spending.

  1. Are the Ads approved?
  2. Is the campaign and ad paused?
  3. Is the targeting excluded, rather than included in settings?
  4. Is the campaign day parted, or on a seclude?
  5. Did the ads get blocked for some reason?


Why is my ad CTR so low? 

  1. Non-enticing headlines.
  2. untargeted images/poor design
  3. Underbidding
  4. Is the demographic extremely small for the niche?
  5. How long has the ad been running?
    ~New ads get diluted in ctr when being pushed out to new placements. While its finding what responds. Give ads at least 12 hours before judging. 
  6. Is the ad unoriginal and duplicated from spytools?
  7. Is the campaign category something unrelated to this niche?
  8. Running a non-native language campaign?
  9. How many widgets has this ad seen?
  10. Are you running the best device type for the campaign? (mobile/desktop)


Why are my ads not converting;
(assuming the funnel/offer is proven & not the problem)

  1. Is the image interesting and eye catching?
  2. Is the image relevant to your funnel?
  3. Can you get a general idea of what the presell article will be about just based on the image?
  4. Is the photography style correct for this campaign?
    ~ Stock photos work great for lead gen/trust
    ~Selfies work great for dating
    ~Amateur/Flickr/Instagram photos work great for most niches
    ~Expect for the eCommerce niche, you want a very product optimized image.
    ~Cartoon images work great for a lot of niches due to the limited bold colors.
  5. Is the image misleading?
    ~If you are running diet campaigns for garcinia, don’t run images of detox smoothies.
  6. Is the headline relevant to the funnel?
  7. Can it be misleading in any possible way?
    ~”one weird trick” can be read as a free method to be done at home. You can help reduce the amount of non-buyers by including a buying keyword. Order, buy, Product, Get, New, Try, Shipping, Available etc, etc. 
    ~Asian girls in {city} Looking for love. Is extremely misleading when they actually live in Asia. Girls from Asia looking for Single {region} Men. Would end up backing out much better.
    ~Do You Qualify For Huge Gov’t Savings? When its a home reference offer, you want to target them by using words like; Homeowner, mortgage, paying off home. Keywords that call out the demo we want. 
  8. Does the presell article give the reader what the headline promised?
    ~If you are promising casino hacks, make sure your article actually goes over it.
  9. Does the ad headline have any of the main keywords in the articles h1/h2 tags?
    ~This helps keep the user on page to read rather than bouncing. When they see the article isn’t what they expected.


Why Cant I get my converting ad to spend harder;

  1. Can only get so many impressions per ad per day.
    ~Try to extrapolate what elements are working. Create similar images to get more impressions/clicks. 
  2. Bidding too low.
  3. Ad are new, not enough weight yet.
  4. Ad just isn’t getting a great response, even though its converting.
    ~Try making similar ones with slight tweaks. 
  5. Its extremely targeted in the campaign settings, and needs to open up.

Recommend Books:

  • Cashvertising: How to Use More Than 100 Secrets of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make Big Money Selling Anything to Anyone
  • Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are
  • Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking

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