A MGID Affiliate Campaign Setting Tutorial

NAME: US – EN – DSK – GoodGame Empire
Recommended Campaign name formats:
Geo – Language – Device – Offer Name
Geo – Device – Campaign Type – Offer name

Make sure the category best matches what you are promoting. So the system can push you into the best group of sites for your setup. This will help the campaigns and ads have the best chance of success.

The language you will be running the ads in




  • USA
    • The Midwest
    • The North-East
    • The South
    • The West

If you are running a campaign in the united states. Make sure you can run in the other territories, or remove other from the US list. You are also able to target and optimize on the state level as well.

Devices & OS

  • Desktop OS
    • Windows OS
    • Mac OS
    • Other

Make sure to select the device type for the campaign. Desktop goes for about 30% more than mobile. If left untargeted, you will just be over paying for mobile clicks.


  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • MSIE
  • Microsoft Edge

On a new campaign, Its generally always target the top browsers on a new campaign for that geo. Check out http://gs.statcounter.com/ to find out what devices you should run if unsure. If you leave this untargeted. Because not everyone is bidding on other/web view/yandex/UC, and its a lower competition source of traffic. The system may send a lot of those to start with, as its the option you gave it. 

Browser Language Targeting

  • Off

Browser language targeting is best used for targeting non-native languages within a country. Such as Spanish speakers in the united states. If you are running the main or secondary language of a country. Dont bother with targeting it in here.


Dynamic retargeting is more for ecom store owners. Ping your account manager if you are looking to setup an actual retargeting campaign based on your campaigns data.


✓Keep the campaign running continuously, starting today
Most people leave this checked, unless you are needing to day part the campaign. uncheck this box to get that option. 

DAILY LIMIT: $200.00
If you have a daily lead cap, you can also limit the daily spend by number of lead generated, or total clicks sent.

✓ Do not show all teasers by campaign after conversions to Action
Set this to 365, and you wont waste impressions on people who already converted. 
✓ Split the budget evenly through the day 
If you are working on a limited budget, or struggling to get the budget to last all day. This will slow things down and make it more manageable without hurting the quality. 
UTM Tagging: UTM is for advertisers who are using google analytics, you can leave this unchecked.  

✓ Add Custom Tracking tag: teaser_id={teaser_id}&widget_id={widget_id}&click_id={click_id}

Tracking tags is the easiest and most stable way of managing the passing data. You can use these in the ad links, but some tokens will not be dynamic/work doing it that way. You can find more information about mgid campaign macro’s here.

Conversion Tracking Sensors:


If this is a new campaign, then go ahead and create a new goal. If you have already set the postback from a previous campaign, then select the existing goal. The goal type will be postback, the event name can be whatever you want to call it. Most affiliates tend to call it lead, conversion, or sale.

After this you need to set up your system to send the data from parameters e = event, с = {click_id} and, if applicable, r = revenue to the link: a.mgid.com/postback. Event must contain event name you specified.

Formatting the postback

e= the event name you created. Sales333333 in this case.
r= revenue generated from lead
c= Mgids unique click id.




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