Misleading Native Headlines Are Costing You Millions In Potential Revenue

Ads that best describe the offer and funnel, always do the best. If you are spying and reusing headlines. Then you’ll want to make sure they are still relevant to your presell page. I do highly recommend them to be slightly unique if possible. Thesaurus.com has made me so much money by just finding replacement words for copy.

If you are running a proven landing page, and are losing 60% of the clicks above the fold. Then you might start off by looking at the headlines. Wouldn’t it be worth to pay more to get a lower ctr ad that converts more impressions? Clicks that actually engaged with the article? Let the Presell page do its job, find the right demographics for this funnel.

Misleading headlines will get clicks, but won’t get you a high percentage of people who take the time to read the article. Are they even interested in the product in the first place?

Why not use the ad image or headline to pre-qualify the click’s? It would help reduce the number of unlikely buyers/converters clicking on your ad.

You have to give them what they are expecting to get. This is the best way I’ve found to get into their shoes.

You want to build your headlines while looking at the presell article. Think of it more as content marketing over affiliate marketing. Write interesting, relevant, targeted headlines. The ad platform will find you people who respond. If they are willing to read an article about a {city} mom sharing her no effort magic weight loss pill with the world.

Trust me, those are the people you want reading and clicking.

Even if you have to pay 2-3 cents more per click, you are increasing your engagement rate by a massive amount. Reducing the number of people who would never buy in the first place, and have an easier time finding placements that work. Just by changing a few words in the headline.


Article title: A Busy Mum, Whos gone from Fat to Fabulous, Reveals Her Diet Secret.
Campaign type: Keto Diet Supplement Trial


Headlines that are not relevant to this funnel:

These 2 Vegetables Can Kill Your Belly Fat Overnight!
Its not a vegetable, its a diet product

One Cup of This (Before Bed) Burns Belly Fat Like Crazy!
The product isn’t something you drink, you take it. 

Drink This Before Bed, Watch Your Body Fat Melt Like Crazy
Cant drink Keto, its not a detox drink/tea.

Drop Belly Fat Overnight With One Simple Trick
A Simple trick could be anything. Counting calories, Low Carb diet? It Doesn’t mean they will want a supplement.

Weird Discovery to Melt Belly Fat Leaves Doctors Speechless (Watch)
There is no “watching” being done, no video. You are reading an article. 

Viral Story: Student Loses 37lbs In 1 Month With No Diet or Exercise!
The story is about a mom losing weight.

Student Reveals Genius Weight Loss Tip (Doctors Are Speechless)
The story isn’t about a student.

Lose Weight Easily with This Fruit Product. Read This & Order
Its not a fruit product like garcinia

Misleading Open Headlines:
Want To Melt Off Pesky Body Fat? This Is The Secret. (No Gym or Diet Needed)
Brilliant Trick Melts Belly Fat Overnight (Do This Tonight)
Drop Belly Fat Overnight With One Simple Trick

Not specific enough. This could be cool sculpting, or a surgery based procedure, or a million other things. Just because they want to lose weight, doesn’t mean they will buy a supplement to achieve their goals.

Non-Misleading, But loosely targeted General Diet Headlines:
Make Belly Fat Disappear In 1 Month Without Diet And Gym
Crazy New Method To Melt Fat In 2018 Is swiping Internet
Jump Start Your Weight Loss With This Method!

Be sure the image makes it very clear its a supplement/diet pill. Otherwise they could think its something else. Costing you money, time, and effort.

Headlines from spy tools that would work:
What Exactly Is the Keto Diet?
Shocking Results – Keto Burns Belly Fat Like Crazy!

Rewritten Examples:

  • Jump Start Your Weight Loss With The Keto Method!
  • Keto Helped This Moms Drop 4 Pant Sizes In 1 Month Without Diet
  • Start Taking Keto Before Bed, & Watch Body Fat Melt Like Crazy
  • {city} Mom Reveals New Weight Loss Product (Doctors Are Shocked)
  • If You Take This (Before Bed), It Burns Belly Fat Like Crazy!
  • Moms New Discovery to Melt Belly Fat Leaves Doctors Speechless
  • Viral Story: Mom Loses 37lbs In 1 Month With No Diet or Exercise!

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