MGID Targeting Optimization For Tight Margins

Desktop Targeting Optimization:

Operating System Market Share:

Windows 74.44%
MacOS 13.22%

Unknown 9.51%
Linux 1.58%
Chrome OS 1.25%

Browser Market Share:

Chrome 63.66%
IE 9.82%
Edge 8.66%
Safari 8.55%
Firefox 8%
Opera 0.81%

Unique Region Bidding:


Language targeting
State Level Optimization

What does it all mean?

What it means is you can gain a lot of margin and performance by splitting up campaigns. So you have full control of ads and bids. Not all demographic combinations will perform the same. You need to look at the data you have collected in your tracker, so you can get full picture of what is going on. If you are looking to remove or scale up a specific demographic, this is the easiest way to go about it.

Example: Windows traffic in the Midwest with a Chrome browser on a brain supplement, generally wont convert as well as MacOS Traffic from the northeast. This doesn’t mean we don’t want the Midwest traffic. We just want to have a unique bid for this unique traffic setup to be profitable on it.

It also means because Safari is only 8% of the browser market share, we will have to pay more to get volume out of it. Now you can bid higher, get more impressions, and optimize based on its performance. Making it much easier to keep it profitable and running.

If we can bid 30% less on Midwest desktop traffic and make a profit, why not.

If we can bid 30% less on desktop Midwest traffic and find ads that perform better there. 

If we can drop the bid another 30% on Midwest desktop Windows traffic with Midwest ads and still keep traction. 

If we could bid 20% more on MacOS Midwest Traffic. Keep profit margins and scale. 

If we can bid 50% More on Midwest Windows Traffic + Firefox browser. Keep margins and scale. 


Heck yah!

You have tons of opportunities to optimize and gain profit margins, you just have to look deep into the data. Campaigns are like ogre’s, they have many layers. Look at the targeting options you have, and review your campaigns data. Look for the winners and bleeders, and scale once you have the margin.

General Demographics:

  • Windows + Chrome = 18-45 General
  • Windows + Edge/IE = 40+ Baby Boomers
  • Windows/Other + Opera = 25+ Technically minded
  • Windows + Firefox = 18+ Technically minded
  • MacOS + Safari/Firefox/Chrome = 18-55 General / Disposable income / Creative minded
  • Other (Linux) + Chrome/Firefox = 18-40 Technically minded


With just with one unique niche – you could split it up into 6+ campaigns with their own bids & budget. You are able to get more traffic this way as well. You’ll more or less have 6x the amount of impressions coming in.



Mobile Target Optimization

All Mobile Browser Market Share:

Safari 53.92%
Chrome 37.46%
Samsung Internet 6.18%
UC Browser 0.59%
Firefox 0.58%
Android 0.4%

Android OS Version Market Share:

8.0 Oreo 20%
8.1 Oreo 17.58%
6.0 Marshmallow 16.96%
7.0 Nougat 11.96%
5.1 Lollipop 11.05%
7.1 Nougat 8.57%

Android OS Release Dates:
Lollipop: 2012
KitKat: 2013
Lollipop: 2014
Marshmallow: 2015
Nougat: 2016
Oreo: 2017
Pie: 2018

iOS Version Market Share:

iOS 12.1 71.48%
iOS 11.4 7.32%
iOS 12.0 4.54%
iOS 10.3 3.86%
iOS 9.3 2.8%
iOS 11.2 2.35%

Data by: StatCounter

What does it all mean?
Older iOS users tend to have older phone models but still have disposable money.
Newer iOS users tend to be 18-40 with disposable money.

Older Droid users tend to use older phone models (6 & under), and do not have a ton of spare money. Dating/Insurance/Refi & Debt works very well on droid 5 and under.

Newer Droid (7,8,9) users tend to be 18-40 with some disposable money. Nutra trials, CPS, Ecom styled offers perform best on these and iOS.

You don’t really have many options for targeting browsers mobile wise, as 99% of it is safari or Chrome. You’ll still have region, state level, language targeting and optimization as well to use.


Stack that monies.




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