[Case Study] A Native Affiliate Refi Campaign Example

Demo: 35+ Homeowners

Goal: Reduces the yearly cost on a home mortgage.

Conversion Requirements: Long form submission.

Payments: Rev Share or Cost Per Action


Img Examples:


Image Elements:

  • Government Buildings (HARP Program): Makes it look official.
  • Government Refund Checks: Saving money via a government based program.
  • Gold & Money Processing: Government has extra money to hand out.
  • Homeowners in Yard: The main demographic, relies on the headline.
  • House and Money: Targets homeowners with something money related.
  • Cartoons: Generally have a higher CTR, and helpful with niches like refi.
  • House & Keys: Some people are at risk of losing their homes due to high payments.


Headline Examples:

  • Qualified Homeowners Are Saving $1000s By Joining This Program
  • Homeowners Are Getting Historically Low Rates Doing This
  • {city} Homeowners, Doing This Now To Reduce Your Mortgage Bills!
  • Homeowners Born Before 1975 Are eligible for Huge Mortgage Savings
  • Home Refinance rates at 2.875% APR (15 yr). Do you qualify?
  • Feds just dropped mortgage rates. Act now before its too late!
  • Mortgage Refinance rates are near historical lows. Don’t miss out!
  • {state} Experts Urge Americans to Refinance Their Home in 2019
  • {state} Homeowner Mortgage Bailout Program Ending Soon
  • Homeowners Born Before 1975 Eligible For Historically low APR Rates
  • Hack Your Mortgage By Refinancing It With This Stimulus Program
  • Refinance your home loan today to get a lower monthly payment
  • Take Advantage Of A New Government Mortgage Bailout & Start Saving!
  • {state} Just Dropped Mortgage Rates. Recalculate Your House Payment!
  • {state} homeowners born before 1986 may be getting a big pay day.
  • New [state} Home Refinancing Plans Banks Don’t Want You Knowing About.
  • Homeowners Can’t Believe Their Bank Did Not Tell Them About This
  • {state} Mortgage Bailout, See If You Qualify In Less Than 60 Seconds!
  • A {state} Homeowner tax break that you should start taking advantage of
  • Free Government Program Reducing {state} Homeowner Mortgages
  • New {state} Program Can Cut $350/Month Off Your House Payment
  • 2019 Homeowner Mortgage Stimulus Plan Ends Soon, Qualify Today
  • California Will Pay Off Your Mortgage If You Have No Missed Payments
  • Homeowners: Program May Pay off Your Mortgage (Only if You Claim It)
  • Born Before 1989? Gov’t Can Pay off Your Mortgage
  • Get $355/Month Off Your Mortgage If You Have No Missed Payments
  • Born Before 1985? Gov’t Will Pay Up to $355/month off Your Mortgage
  • Forget Your 401k if you Own a Home (Do This)
  • {state} Homeowners Must Claim $4,367 Benefit by Sept 30th
  • {state} Homeowners Blindsided by Expiration of Benefit
  • Homeowners Can Cash In On This Government Refi Program
  • Homeowners Born Before 1985: This Will Make Your Day!
  • Homeowners With No Missed Payments Could Be Getting A Reward
  • {state} Homeowners: Take This Quiz, Brace Yourself For Savings!
  • How {state} Homeowners Born Before 1985 Are Paying off Their Mortgage
  • Homeowner Over 55? Don’t Fall For The Equity Release Myths
  • Senior Homeowners Born Before 1969 Qualify for Exceptional Savings
  • Retired Homeowner? Get Your Equity Release Facts
  • Local Area Homeowners: Government Can Pay Your Mortgage; Claim It Today
  • Homeowners In {state} Are Cashing In On Expiring Gv’t Program
  • Local {state} Homeowners Blindsided by Expiration of Benefit


Landing Page Examples:



Tips for Finding Landing Page Examples:

If you come across a article. Search for that url in Copyscape.
You can find some decent examples that reuse that same copy in there.

You can also Search in google for a common unique phrase all those pages use.

Example: “urging homeowners to take advantage”
“homeowners may be getting a big pay day”

Will pull up tons of examples, as a lot affiliate pages get indexed.


Refi Targeting/Sources:

Browsers: IE,Edge,Chrome
Site targeting: News sites, Anti Virus, Weather sites, Political sites, Mail Platforms
Device: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile.
Sources: Outbrain, Gemini, Taboola
CPA Network: (signup link) All Out Ads



Refinance is an extremely dull topic that will generate a low CTR. For most platforms, you will need to bid really high to get a high enough CPM to be shown.

Test a lot of images to find a few decent CTR ones that generate leads.
Keep your ad copy targeted while testing and finding placements.

Try to keep the ad copy about the reader and their benefits. Using it to pre-qualify your clicks. Phrases like “Qualified Homeowners” – Tends to bring in higher quality clicks. As less people with a low credit score will click it.

Government words like bailout & stimulus will help add authority to the copy, making it look more official.

If you struggle getting good impressions on general refi clicks. Try niching it out to different races & age groups.

This takes more time and most large buyers don’t bother for the lack of volume. This will be a easy route to get your foot into the door. Find placements that work, and start to scale up from there.

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