[Case Study] Marketing Diet Products With Native Traffic: Part 1

Goal: Help someone lose weight easily with a supplement.

Types Of Offers: Product straight sale, trial & cash on delivery (phone verified)

Traffic Sources: Mgid, RevContent, Content.ad

Browsers: Chrome, Pinterest app, Samsung mobile, Edge, IE

Devices: Mobile/Tablet

Target Demo: 35+ Females (For trials), 21+ Females for CPS

Requirements: Diet campaigns are extremely expensive to run, you need at least $500 just to get a small test. This will give you a general idea how the traffic performs. You need a LARGE budget. Unless running in t3 geos with COD offers.


CPA/CPS Advertorial Funnels


Landing Page Examples:

Tips for Finding Landing Page Examples:

You wont find as many of these pages indexed in google. RIP Blackhat SEO. You will need to spy around to find live examples. If you have a budget, I would recommend a spytool for native.

Sites like:

  • weightlossgroove.com
  • readysethealth.com
  • hollywoodlife.com
  • healthy-holistic-living.com

Those will have affiliate diet articles, you just have to dig for awhile. Most sites that run ads from mgid, revcontent, content.ad will contain some diet ads. Finding niche sites will increase those chances, as they likely are bidding high on those placements.


Image Examples:

Image Elements:

Before/After: Lets them easily see the results they could have.
Cartoons: High CTR, and can easily explain to the reader what the article is about.
Measuring Tape: Indicates its something about a small waistline.
Bottle/Pills: Its diet pills, not any other type of weight loss methods. Hard to go into the article thinking its anything about something about diet pills.
Apple Vinegar: Some articles are about diet pills and Apple Vinegar. If you are running that presell page, you can use them. If not, they are out of context.
Strange Fruits: Click bait images, used for high CTR. Headlines need to be very detailed for these to work.
Tea/Detox Drinks: If the article is detox related. This will target people willing to try a drink.

The image should reflect the article. If the image can easily explain what the article is about without the use of a headline.

Ad Copy Examples:

  • 1 Simple Method To Burn Belly Fat
  • These 2 Vegetables Can Kill Your Belly Fat Overnight!
  • Brilliant Trick Melts Belly Fat Overnight (Do This Tonight)
  • Drink This Before Bed, Watch Your Body Fat Melt Like Crazy
  • 1 Odd Food Burns Women’s Belly Fat Like Crazy
  • Make Belly Fat Disappear In 1 Month Without Diet And Gym
  • 1 Cup Every Morning Melts Belly Fat Like Crazy!
  • 1 Cup Of This Will Burn Your Belly Fat Like Crazy!
  • One Cup of This (Before Bed) Burns Belly Fat Like Crazy!
  • Weird Discovery to Melt Belly Fat Leaves Doctors Speechless (Watch)
  • (1) Cup of This (Before Bed) Will Melt Your Body Fat Like Crazy!
  • Stomach and side fat will be gone in 3-4 days, all you need…
  • Make Belly Fat Disappear In 1 Month Without Diet And Gym
  • This Will Burn Your Belly And Arm Fat Like Crazy!
  • 26 Weight Loss Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based
  • Drop Belly Fat Overnight With One Simple Trick
  • Crazy New Method To Melt Fat In 2018 Is swiping Internet
  • Student Reveals Genius Weight Loss Tip (Doctors Are Speechless)
  • Lose Weight Easily with This Fruit Product. Read This & Order
  • Want To Melt Off Pesky Body Fat? Try This! (No Gym or Diet Needed)
  • Shocking Results – Keto Burns Belly Fat Like Crazy!
  • Viral Story: Student Loses 37lbs In 1 Month With No Diet or Exercise!
  • Jump Start Your Weight Loss With This Method!



Dont use Dr Oz images. (those presell pages are just examples)

Don’t mislead them into thinking its anything but a diet pill, or whatever product you are selling. Just because they are looking to lose weight, doesn’t mean they are willing to buy your product. Give them what they want.

Pre-qualify your clicks with words like: Pills, Supplements, etc etc etc.

Use outrageous headlines about weight loss. If they click on it, they are gullible.

Use the age of the person in the image to help target a older demo. (they have more money) Using the keyword mom in the headlines also helps target a older demo.

Limit the number of times you say free trial, they buyers need to have some money so the owners can re-bill them.

Use a mix of headlines and images when testing. You need to increase your chances of finding something that works. Most of those headlines and images have been ran for years. Rewrite them to say the same thing, but differently.

Find images with elements that are proven.

Make sure you are on top of traffic optimization, not letting all the clicks come from a few sources.

Use the traffic to build a push notification list, for re-targeting/cross selling. Along with running a re-targeting pixel, on the outbound click to the offer page. So you can follow up with unique ads to those who were really interested, but didnt buy.

If you are running a CPS offer, re-target those clicks with a trial.




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