Boost Conversion Rates with Above The Fold Content Optimization.

If you are trying to increase your conversion rate, the 1st thing I would start with is optimizing the above the fold part of the page. The more time people invest into something, the better. We want them to be interested enough to keep on scrolling.

There are so many different phone, tablet, and desktop sizes. I don’t think most people realize how poorly formatted their presell pages are for a large chunk of the traffic. It really could mean the difference between semi profitable and really profitable.


Just because they clicked on the ad, and showed “interest”. If they land on something like Workout and diet plans. They are going to bounce instantly, i guarantee it. The battle isn’t over yet, you still need them to engage with the article.

Providing as much copy & information above the fold is the easiest way to go about that. Then you optimize the copy to make it juicy.

Spoiler alert: They actually do and will read the presell article, or skim it at-least. Not only does your copy have to be good and sell. You need to make sure all your visitors see it in the best format possible. Otherwise you are losing and leaving money on the table.

More so when its something you ripped, that proves nothing. The data in the spytools are super misleading and wrong half the time. Ive reviewed my own campaigns in them, and they were never close to being right.

Below are a few similar landing muscle pill trial pre-sell pages. They all have vastly different above the fold content, engagement rates, LP CTR, conversion rate, and bounce rates.


All of the headlines are too long and poorly formatted. Causing a large part of the 1st paragraph to be under the fold. Only one of the pages actually mentions any direct benefit to the reader.

If I was given these 4 landing pages to select one to test, without edits. I would most likely go with workout schedule king.

Below are examples of optimizing the page for the more copy above the fold. Its valuable real estate, use it wisely.

atf 3 fix


Hercules workout plan and diet: (not shown) is really poorly optimized for mobile, but the desktop page looks pretty good. Link: Screenshot of desktop page. This web page on tablet or mobile would likely have a 90% bounce rate above the fold. Would get lucky to get any real clicks to the offer page, most would be bots.

Workout Schedule king: They could just make a simple logo on and save some extra space. The posted on date stamp on that page is also taking up 3 lines of space.

BrainFlow: The social buttons more it look more official, but losing a lot of space due to it. The headline is just way too long, make it shorter or change the font. The double headline is taking up too much space. The 1st headline is too messy looking. Just removing the second headline adds a ton of extra space for copy.

This is just for one mobile screen resolution size as well. You will want to make sure all common sizes for mobile, tablet and desktop. Visit to find the most common sizes for the geo you are running.

Think of this part of the page like a pop up ad. You get 1/2 a second to grab their attention and pull them in, or they are gone. Just making those few edits can help engagement rate, and that is what leads to conversions. Now go make some monies!

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