Monetize Bounced Flog Traffic With Related Articles

Most of the time advertorial articles are just filled to the max with elements that help drive sales. Understandable from our end, but its almost overwhelming for the reader. The page is so focused on just one task, it misses tons of other opportunities.

With how low landing page ctr is with nutra campaign’s, why not give up some lp space to monetize bounced clicks?


It will also give the web page a more authentic feeling to it, and make it look less like a door way page. 

If you didn’t sell them on the diet offer, but they still are on your page. Allow them the opportunity to make you money another way. You can infer some information about your targeted demo, so pick related topics. 

Something about ED wouldn’t work here, obviously. Anyone else getting tired of diet topics for articles? Let me know in the comments below.

You will want to select offers that work for 30+ Women. It doesn’t all have to be about weight loss, mix in some things that have mass appeal for the demo.

This is basically native ad arbitrage, think of it like that. You can also run native ads to help monetize these clicks that are not going to buy. If you are running a celeb angle, cpc should be low. Diet native ad buyers will be spending high, It can work. You could even run contextual in-text links to offers, but CTR will be super low.



Related Article Topic Ideas For A Diet Flog:

  • Dating
  • Skin Care
  • Diet Pill VSL
  • Exercising Offer
  • Health Food
  • Self Help Book
  • Yoga
  • Women’s Health
  • Hypnosis


Clickbank is going to be the easiest source for finding offers that will work. They have tons of premade article and video sale landers. You can run more traditional offers, but it will take a lot more effort to setup. Optimize for that later on, test with something easy.

You can also use this data to gain a better insight on what your traffic is interested in. You might find you are misleading too much and getting the wrong type of clicks. If the majority of them are clicking to something else diet related.

Stack that 💰

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