How Dead Impressions Kill Your CPC Ads Position

When you are running CPC media buy campaigns. It is generally more important to focus on building high CTR ads to boost rankings, get cheaper clicks, and to bank harder. You can also help the winning ads out even more by removing placements/targeting options that don’t drive leads. More so if they are not causing you to spend money on them.

Most of the time CPC traffic source will provide you a breakdown of where the impressions are hitting at.

Any option the traffic source gives you for targeting, review that data. You can’t do anything about non-Wi-Fi traffic if the source doesn’t give you the option to target Wi-Fi traffic.

By reducing the amount of wasted impressions from the traffic source will help increase your ads rank, and get better, earlier impressions. This is because you are raising your ads cpm.

Browser type, device OS version, device type, region, language type are the most common targeting traffic source options that drive heavy volume.


No targeting for language:
1000 impressions x 10 clicks x 0.5 cents = 0.50cpm

English only:
500 impressions x 10 clicks x 0.5 cents = 1.00cpm

If these people cant read the ad you are showing them, why bother? Yes it did cost you the same amount of money. In the end, its only hurting your overall ad stats, and thus ranking. The campaign could improve a lot by just targeting English speakers.

The campaign that’s driving the higher cpm ad is more likely to be shown earlier. Allowing you to convert more leads, and raise the bid even more. Now that you have the margin to do so, helping you keep you position for longer.

Note: Sometimes extra clicks from low impressions targets/sources that don’t convert are worthwhile to keep. This is because they are helping boost your ads CPM.

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