Monetize Bounced Clicks With Down & Cross Selling

Profit margins are not always great these days, and you’ll need to squeeze every cent out of each click. If you are running a marketing campaign without re-targeting, you are just losing out on money.

Some platforms like MGID will offer the ability to re-target. Some will not and a 3rd party like Adroll will be required. You bought the data, and have inferred information on this person who clicked on the ad. It is insanely cheap to run a re-targeting campaign, and super profitable most of the time. The only real downside is the lack of volume unless you are running a minimum of $2000 USD daily.

Generally, you will have 3 different steps in the funnel to work off of. Landing page impressions, offer page impressions, and conversion impressions. Each step can have its own unique campaign, selecting the best possible offers to try to get this person to convert.

In this example, we will be looking at a funnel for a straight sale diet pill video sales lander campaign.




Re-targeting list #1:

  • They are interested in losing weight (and are overweight)
  • They showed interest in the product we are selling.
  • They did not watch the entire video presell page for whatever reason.

If they showed interest in a diet product but bounced. You may want to try re-targeting with a different type of weight loss product. This could be a diet cooking ebook, another supplement, or even shapewear clothing. We know they want to lose weight, but maybe product #1 isn’t what they wanted.

If we had other video sale pages to test, we could re-target it with them. If you have a flog article page to the product, this would be a great time to test that. This will be the biggest list of re-targeting data, use it wisely.


Re-targeting list #2:

  • They watched the video or read the article.
  • They showed interest in the diet pill product.
  • They left the offer page before buying a bottle.

We know they are looking to lose weight, and are likely willing to try a diet pill. This is where I would down-sell over cross sell. Try Re-targeting them with a diet pill trial flog page. Make the ads clear that its the same product, and that its a free trial.

You could follow up with another CPS offer, but why risk losing out on money. This will have the highest probability of converting.


Re-targeting list #3:

  • They will be trying to lose weight with a diet pill.
  • They have disposable income to spend.

I almost never saw anyone doing this, and was never really sure why. Why would you just give up on this click after you know they have money. With this campaign, I would run a colon cleansing offer on the post purchase list. They might go for other products, but you know they are willing to take supplements.

You could even infer that they will lose weight, and need to buy replacement clothing. Its not something id likely try but, think outside the box.

Make it 🌧️💵

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