6 Easy Steps For Higher Payouts On Affiliate Offers

#1: Build a relationship with the AM, and request reviews of the traffic. Let them know how you plan on running your campaign. You don’t have to be 100% specific, but give them a general idea of what you are doing. Once they hear the traffic looks good, they are more likely to give up some margin.

#2: Start with a targeted whitelist or blacklist from your traffic source. If you are unable to get a whitelist or blacklist, you could try a traffic source like push, native, or PPC search ads. These clicks will have more intent, and drive better quality early on without a whitelist or blacklist.

#3: Review your funnel and make sure its not misleading. Even the smallest detail can make the visitor think its something else. Review the offers funnel, somethings you can find extra benefits to promote. Make sure your landing page flows into their offer page. Most important, Test multiple funnels!

Side Note: You might find its easier to get the campaign optimized on them more “general” top ads in the spytools. Do not run these for long, so you don’t drop in quality.

#4: Send as much data to the offer owner as possible. Pass the source ids in the beginning if running a gaming campaign or the payout is low. Make sure you are able to block higher volume junk traffic, so you are not kicked off of the offer. You will need to follow up often for reviews.

#5: Start increasing the traffic after it starts getting optimized. Bid higher to overcome the lower CTR from laser targeted ads/creatives. Generally the EPCs will go down with volume, and they will understand you need a pay bump. They will want more leads, more so if you already gotten a review.

#6: Ask for a higher payout. If the network doesn’t have any margin left, have them request a special payout from the offer owner. Remember all those reviews you asked for, and the volume you have been sending? That is call leverage, use it to get more money.

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